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Commodity Classification - ECCN:

If a product is subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Administration Regulations (EAR), it may require an export license. To determine if a license is needed to export your product, exporters must first determine whether an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) fits their product. This five character alphanumeric ECCN identifies the technology level and the capabilities of an item which, when used in combination with the country of destination, customer, and the intended application, determines whether an export license is required for a specific transaction or whether an item can be exported without a license. ECCNs must be determined prior to shipment.

Self Classification:

Companies should have procedures in place to determine the appropriate export control classification number for all the products and technologies they export. The lion’s share of a company’s products and technologies can be analyzed using self determination methods using the relevant sections of the Export Administration Regulations.

ITC Strategies has extensive experience in this area and has developed numerous processes and methodologies for companies to assist them in determining the correct classification for all the items and technologies they export. Whether it is a manual or automated process, ITCS can help in developing the right classification analysis tool for your company.

Commodity Classification Requests (CCR/CCATS):

The purpose of a commodity classification request (CCR/CCATS) is to obtain an official U.S. Government determination from the Department of Commerce as to what the appropriate ECCN is for a particular product or technology.

ITC Strategies has vast practical knowledge in preparing CCR/CCATS requests and in engaging the relevant U.S. government regulators during the review process. We can assist you in determining how best to prepare your CCR/CCATS application to ensure the correct classifications are made for your products.