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Export Compliance Requirements:

Export/Import Compliance Programs are the cornerstone of a company's international business. 

Exporting - such as the shipment of hardware outside of the U.S., or transmission of technical information to a non-U.S. person - is heavily regulated by federal laws and regulations referred to collectively as "export controls."   

These controls affect the export of commodities (goods and materials), technology (technical data and know-how) and software from the U.S. to a foreign country or a foreign person. They also affect the re-export of any such U.S. items from one foreign country, nationality, or party to another, as well as products made outside based on U.S. technology.

Import Compliance
is an area that requires close scrutiny as there are numerous regulations which control the import of goods into the U.S. Among them are the US Customs Regulations which control the flow of goods and the entry process into the U.S. A key component of the import process is the correct classification of your goods under the Harmonized tariff Schedule of the US (HTSUS). Misclassification of your goods can result in your company paying excessive duties or penalties to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP). In addition, imports of defense articles are often controlled under the ITAR and the BATFE regulations.

ITC Strategies assists companies in managing their export and import compliance responsibilities by providing various services tailored to meet each company’s needs and specific requirements.