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E-Licensing: SNAP-R/D-Trade 


Electronic Licensing

Both the Departments of Commerce (BIS) and State (DDTC) utilize on-line electronic systems to allow companies to submit export license applications.

Electronic Applications Systems:

Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) – SNAP-R

Simplified Network Application Process “Redesign” or SNAP-R gives you the ability to submit export and re-export applications, and commodity classification requests via the Internet in a secure environment. You also will receive same day acknowledgment of your submission and can obtain online validations (e.g. electronic facsimile of export license) from BIS.

SNAP-R is an improvement over BIS’ previous electronic system and includes enhanced security, the ability to attach supporting documentation electronically, user access rights, and the ability for BIS Licensing Officers to view work items and supporting documents electronically. The system allows you to:

• Have the ability to attach supporting documents to online export license application submissions by uploading files through the web interface;
• Have enhanced system security and improved authentication;
Email notification capability to support exporter and BIS staff correspondence, acknowledgements, and validations;
• Have the capability to copy and re-use work item and supporting documents; and
• Have the capability to share work items within the same company (based on user rights management).

Internet access and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later with Active Scripting, session cookies, and PDF file download enabled (default configuration). A PDF Reader, such as Adobe® Reader®, if you want to read previously uploaded supporting documents online. Company Identification Number (CIN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

If you have not submitted to BIS electronically in the past, you will need to obtain a "PIN Request" package.

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) permits third parties to submit license applications and classification requests on behalf of exporters and re-exporters via SNAP-R. ITC Strategies is an approved third party for the SNAP-R system and can assist you in all aspects of your electronic submissions with the Department of Commerce.

Department of State (DDTC) - D-Trade

The Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), through the use of the D-Trade electronic licensing system, receives and adjudicates fully electronic defense export authorization requests properly submitted by any U.S. person who is a defense trade registrant and wishes to export unclassified defense articles

D-Trade is a fully-electronic defense export licensing system. DDTC is prepared to receive and adjudicate defense export authorization requests properly submitted by any U.S. person who is a defense trade registrant and wishes to file export license applications.

Before using D-Trade, companies must purchase and install a digital certificate on the computer being used to submit the application, register the certificate with the entity listing in D-Trade, and assign the necessary user roles to the digital certificate. Submitting export applications prior to completing these steps will result in a rejection. The system allows:

User-friendly but secure processing. Electronic submissions are made via an encrypted Internet site and signed by PKI-protected digital signatures.
Error-resistant processing. All information submitted via D-Trade is transferred in an electronic medium into DDTC's licensing database, thus eliminating manual data errors and further speeding the license application review process.
Easy tracking. A license application entered electronically shows up in the D-Trade production system within hours. It may be referenced by a DDTC-assigned license number and by an industry-generated transaction number to facilitate cross-referencing.
Electronic referrals. License applications staffed to many U.S. Government offices for policy or technical input no longer have to be copied, collated, and manually distributed by messenger or internal mail. Reviewing offices receive complete applications without missing documents and without delay.
Quicker turnaround. Building upon the efficiencies inherent in electronic licensing, our aim is that almost all applicants will use D-Trade and that they will receive final decisions from DDTC more quickly than is the case with traditional methods.
Uploaded follow-on information. If needed additional information can be uploaded to support the license request.
Electronic Approval. When the case has been approved, the applicant can download the approved license.

In general, no specialized or expensive equipment is needed to utilize the new system. Users are provided software that enables them to fill in the face of an export license application Form on a computer screen. The system features continuation sheets to allow completion of a block on the form, and supporting documents prepared on, or converted into, electronic media may be attached. A template feature of the XML schema used for the electronic forms implementation ensures backward compatibility allowing industry users to store repetitive data and precedent documentation.

ITC Strategies can assist in all aspects of D-Trade Licensing. While DDTC does not permit third party submission of export licenses, we can prepare and edit D-Trade applications and assist you in creating submissions with the highest degree of confidence in their successful approval.