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  Freight Forwarder Broker Audit:

Your Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers act as your agent and as your agent, their mistakes count against you. If they make an error on the inbound side, you may end up paying excessive duty amounts, or being held liable by CBP for additional duties and penalties. On the outbound side, they file documentation and move your shipments on your behalf. A mistake made in this process can result in your shipment being detained or seized and YOU ultimately being held responsible for fines, and/or penalties. In addition, these “delays” may have further negative impacts with your customers by delaying programs, impacting delivery schedules, and possibly causing you additional expenses such as outside counsel …

ITC Strategies can assist in auditing your Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers to ensure they are handling your shipments effectively, efficiently and most importantly, in accordance with the applicable regulations.We can verify that you are utilizing the most effective import management strategies in the areas of duty avoidance and are taking advantage of every opportunity you can to limit your import cost exposure. On the outbound side, ITC Strategies can determine whether or not your export shipments are being processed effectively and efficiently in accordance with the regulations and that all filings are being done in a timely and correct manner.