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 Export License Management and Strategic Planning:

If you export controlled goods of any kind, a License Management Procedure is a critical part of your compliance program. Companies who operate without an integrated license management process expose themselves to the risk of consequences due to licensing errors. These consequences can be severe, leading to export delays, customer dissatisfaction, and could potentially put a company out of business.

Strategic planning is an important element of License Management and the key to overcoming or preventing obstacles in your company’s supply chain and delivery processes.

ITC Strategies can help you to develop an effective License Management procedure that includes strategic planning processes which will make your business be more competitive in international business. Consider:

• The long lead processing times in getting the appropriate authority to export your products, commodities and technology/technical data.

• The recognition of what activities require export authorizations early in your product/business cycles to help mitigate delays and make the business more attractive to the customer.

• Modifying your product delivery and manufacturing steps so that they are contingent upon receiving the export authority prior to proceeding

• Identifying all the needed Licenses and then getting in time to meet the business need

Simplifying and decreasing the amount of paperwork involved in completing a license application

Improving accuracy and reducing the amount of time spent on assembling license application and supporting documents

• The Organization of your license applications and effectively management of your licensing information

• How to remain current with dynamic regulations and regulatory practice

• The Streamlining and automation of your license application process

• The submit complete applications with all required documentation

• The management of License and Agreement Provisos, Limitations or Conditions

• The management of DDTC Agreements:

       --- Signed Agreement must be filed with DDTC within 30 days of execution by all parties
       --- Renewal– Request extension by amendment, submit sixty (60) days prior to expiration date
       --- Sales Reports – MLA and WDA reports must be provided annually

• The Training of personnel
• The periodical review with program personnel and foreign parties of program changes such as:

        --- Scope of the work (technology, activities) “scope creep”
        --- Value changes
        --- Hardware in furtherance
        --- Parties to the Agreement
                    § Additional parties
                    § Name changes to existing parties
        --- Sublicensing activities and parties
        ---New nationalities working on the program

• The development of an Audit plan