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Looking for an export/import manual to get you started? ITC Strategies can assist in the creation of compliance manuals and tools for use by all levels of business operations, from general policies to highly detailed work instructions. ITCS has developed compliance manuals for many of our clients and they are currently being used to assist in maintaining strong export and import compliance programs all across the world.

Our compliance manuals are crafted to address all the regulations and focus on policies and procedures that include:
• Product classification, (Jurisdiction, ECCN, HTS, Schedule B)
• Licensing,
• Deemed exports,
• Visitors,
• Intangible transfers
• Technology Transfer Control Plans
• Shipping, and much more…

They also can include helpful terms and acronyms as well as specific work instructions for all organizations within your business.

Our approach is to assist in the development of an Export/Import Compliance Process Map to help define your company’s policy and procedure needs and customize a compliance manual specific to your business that includes:

Export Administration Procedures:
• Outlining how Export/Import Administration interacts with other departments and defines their role in the process.
• Detailing export/import administrative requirements that specifically apply to:
       ---- Obtaining licenses
       ---- Notices to DTC
       ---- Maintaining registration
       ---- Classification methodologies

Departmental Procedures:
• Specific departmental work instructions detailing what specific steps are required of each organization.
• Outlining what requires prior Export Administration approval.

Activity Procedures:
• Framing your procedures based on activities – e.g. orders placed in order processing system, temporary imports, miscellaneous or manual shipments, and reference which departments are required to follow the procedure.

Sample Forms:
• Shipper’s Letter of Instruction
• Technology Transfer Control Program (TTCP)
• Voluntary Self Disclosure
• Data Logs
• Visitor Forms
• Certificates of Compliance
• License/Agreement Distribution Form
• Non-Disclosure Agreements

Make your compliance program a “legacy” program by developing written policies and procedures that transcend compliance personnel and stand the test of time for the business. ITC Strategies assistance can save you hundreds of hours in the creation of a manual from scratch.

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