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Export and Import Compliance Seminars: Compliance Training Session


The instructors at ITC Strategies provide export and import compliance seminars in conjunction with the Export Compliance Training Institute (ECTI), which presents numerous compliance training opportunities throughout the year.  These courses provide a comprehensive education in all areas of Export/Import Trade Compliance, and are offered at various locations throughout the country as well as around the world. 

The course focuses on:
• An Introduction to Export Control
• Export Administration Regulations (EAR)
• International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
• Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
• Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
• Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
• Automated Export System (AES)
Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR)
• Classification (Jurisdiction, ECCN, Schedule B and HTS)
• Compliance Program Best Practices
• Recent Developments and Changes
• Licensing Practices
• Logistics/Traffic and Shipping
Export Controls from a Non-US Perspective

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 ECTI Seminar Schedule

US Export Controls & Defense Trade Controls Seminar: This 4-day seminar series (divided into 2 2-day sessions), provides both novice and experienced export compliance professionals with an in-depth education on export control regulations administered by the US Departments of State, Commerce & Treasury as well as related regulatory agencies such as Customs and Border Protection (CBP). In each location, the US Export Controls Seminar runs the first two days, and the Defense Trade Controls Seminar runs the last two days so that you can easily attend either or both courses.

US Export Controls Seminar - Day 1 & 2:
Focus: Export Administration Regulations (EAR), topics include:
• Introduction to Export Control Regulations
• Jurisdiction and Classification
• Shipping & Licenses
• China Military Catch-All Rule
• Re-Exports
• Office of Foreign Assets Control Regulations
• Antiboycott Regulations
• Information Technology, Technical Data & Software
• Export Enforcement Issues & Effective Export Compliance

Defense Trade Controls Seminar – Day 3 & 4:
Focus: International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), topics include:
• Munitions Export Controls Overview - ITAR, DDTC & More
• Controlled Items & Activities
• License Requirements
• Brokering Issues
• Political Contributions
• Technical Data & Considerations
• License, Agreement & Exemption Management
• License Application Workshop
• Internal Control Programs

International - EAR & ITAR Training for Non-US Companies: 

United States trade control laws and regulations impact companies who use or resell US-origin products, components or technology.  The US Government can impose serious penalties for US and non-US companies who fail to comply with the extra-territorial US rules (including monetary fines, a loss of US Government contracts, or a complete ban from receiving any US items). 

These seminars offer practical explanations and advice on what the rules are and how they impact companies outside the United States.  Expect to leave these seminars with an in-depth understanding of what you need to do to keep your company compliant.  Our
instructors are widely respected experts in the field of export compliance and have vast international business experience in interpreting and applying the rules. Topics include:

Whichever course you choose, the ITC Strategies & ECTI instructors are widely respected experts in the field of export/import compliance.  They have both Government regulatory experience as well as practical Industry experience and can interpret, translate and apply the rules to assist you in navigating these complex regulatory requirements for your company. Expect to leave these seminars with an in-depth understanding of what the rules are, how they apply to your business, and what you need to do to keep your company compliant.